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Research project EnerWing_xM

The aim of R&D project EnerWing xM is to achieve a novel, reliable, systemically useful and cost-effective power supply with renewable energies by means of airborne wind turbines.

The flexibility of demand-oriented operation, the good transportability of the systems and a high degree of capacity utilisation are to be developed here as unique selling points.

Based on conceptual advance development of the small-scale, divisible wing structure, a novel tool chain is to be created and validated for the design of the highly scalable wing components for airborne wind turbines from 500 kW up to 2,000 kW.

EnerKíte, INVENT and Teut, together with their research partners DLR and Technical University Berlin, are taking up the challenge of supplying power from renewable energies in a system that is both economical and beneficial, using so-called airborne wind turbines, a technology that has so far only been demonstrated on a small scale and has not been implemented commercially as yet.

Here Teut fulfils the role of creating the basis for safe and economical operation under the premise of further reducing the footprint of renewables by saving material and time on the one hand, and by flexibly adapting to the requirements of environmental compatibility on the other.

Source: https://www.enargus.de
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