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Securing a site / selecting a site

The site selection is crucial for the success of a wind energy project.

Sites for wind turbines are designated within the scope of land planning suitability or priority areas. It is generally not possible to operate such turbines outside these areas. Standort Stechau Standort Sempten

Areas for a wind turbine

The area required for each wind turbine consists of the foundation and the crane footprint, plus access. In total, an area of around 1,000 to 2,500m² is covered with recycled ballast. Further sub-areas for a site consist of spacing areas, which must be entered in the land register of the respective property according to the respective laws of the German federal states, but which do not restrict agricultural use. The remaining area can continue to be used for agriculture. The selection of the site and the route for the access road are adapted to the agricultural usage as far as possible, in order to minimise the interference for the farmers managing the area.

Montage einer Windkraftanlage Montage einer Windkraftanlage Montage einer Windkraftanlage

Contracts with property owners

The sites of wind turbines are usually secured by means of a usage contract with the property owner. However, purchase contracts are also possible, which are then usually limited to the required sub-areas. The amount of the compensation for usage depends on the circumstances of the project: Which wind turbines are being built? What is the permitted height of the turbine? How much electricity will be produced at the site? Our remuneration consists of an annual guaranteed minimum interest rate and a share based on the wind yield – we thus offer security and participation in the economic success of the project.

This has been our practice for years:
At the very beginning of the project, we provide dismantling guarantees to secure the dismantling of the wind turbines. We thus gain the trust of the property owners from the very beginning.