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Demand-driven night identification (DNI)

DNI radar system to secure the remuneration capability and for greater wind energy acceptance

Teut Windprojekte GmbH and Quantec GmbH, the market leader in the field of demand-driven night identification (DNI), monitor the airspace of the southern Uckermark region as Quantec Operations Teut GmbH, so that all systems in this area are only switched on at night when a flying object is approaching.

Connection to this system reduces the continuous flashing at night by more than 90%. Since, from 1 July 2020, the equipping of old and new turbines with DNI will be compulsory by law, this also ensures eligibility for remuneration in accordance with section 9(8) of the EEG (Renewable Energy Sources Act). Equipping the wind turbines with DNI on time already provides planning security for investors and operators now. At the same time, this also significantly reduces the impact on residents by almost completely eliminating night-time light emissions.

The current debate in politics and the industry is followed and supported by the work of Teut Windprojekte GmbH in the German Wind Energy Association (BWE), e.g. in the “Radar” and “Identification” working groups. There is currently no approved transponder system on the market; rather, the responsible authorities failed to approve them during earlier stages.

We will be happy to provide you with non-binding advice on your wind farm in Brandenburg, the current legal situation and the available and approved systems, including those of other manufacturers. Specific planning with transponder systems is currently not possible for the reasons mentioned above. However, should the legislator grant approval for these systems, we shall also include them in our portfolio.

With the radar-supported solution from Quantec Operations Teut, we offer interested parties a complete turnkey package for signal providing and an attractive cost structure through the joint use of a central sensor location.

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