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Approval procedure

Our approval procedures for wind energy projects start with:

  • Optimum configuration of the wind farm
    (wind yield and access)
  • Extensive studies on the environment
    (birds and bats)
  • Environmental impact assessment, or EIA pre-testing
  • Accompanying plans for landscape conservation
  • Inclusion of the local communities in the planning process
  • Preliminary consultation with the approval authorities to expedite procedure

The actual approval procedure is:

  • An approval procedure under emission control law / building permit procedure

Elements of licence applications
and procedures include:

  • Building documents with the exact site plans and drawings
  • Proof of compliance with the relevant building regulations
  • Types or individual testing of the wind turbine (stability)
  • Report on the suitability of the subsoil
  • Reports on sound and shadow casting
    (compliance with the permissible limit values)
  • Detailed evaluation of impact on nature
  • Offsetting and compensatory measures
    for the impact on nature
  • Documents on occupational safety and fire protection etc.